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Our Story

" I love working with wood and have always been fascinated by the numerous species, all differentiated by colours, knots and grain. None being exactly the same. Restoring wood floors brings me a great amount of satisfaction as does happy customers! "

Director Brian McCarthy.

"This business is my passion and something I take great pride in.

I am a bona certified craftsman and Lagler PST certified, both world leaders in the wood flooring industry.

In this line of work learning is continual and I still develop the skills and services I can offer and deepen my own knowledge wherever possible. I do my best to always be at the forefront when it comes to new products, machines and techniques.

I am a perfectionist, meticulous and pride myself on attention to detail.


Why Us?

* We have been told that our cleanliness, minimisation of dust in the home plus respect for the clients home is a big part of why get a high percentage of repeat business.

* We also ensure we educate clients about proper maintenance and care in order to achieve longevity of their floor. We supply clients with a free bottle of the recommended wood floor cleaner along with instructions of use.

* We work with our clients to find the colour they would like should colour change be desired as well as the most suitable sheen. ie matt (satin), semi-gloss, gloss lacquer or hard wax oil finish.

* We pride ourselves on offering a personal and professional service, where we work to the highest standard, as well as building relationships with our clients which is key to us. This ensures that all of their needs are always met.

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